Nipro Corporation

Since its founding in 1954, Nipro Corporation has strived to realize its management philosophy of contributing to society through its business activities. The company has expanded the scope of its business from glass materials to medical devices and pharmaceutical products, in pursuit of technological innovation. Leveraging the technologies and expertise that they have accumulated over many years, the Company now offers products and technologies that meet the needs of patients and medical professionals in a wide range of fields, such as artificial organs, circulatory organs, test/diagnostic agents, injection/infusion solutions, ethical pharmaceuticals, and medical glass products.

Nipro's strongest feature is the "trinity" of the medical device, pharmaceutical, and glass product businesses, which work in unison to generate synergies in their operations.

We had been continuously winning the Annual Global, State Pharmaceutical Corporation Tenders’ for Dialysis Consumables from 2012 to 2015.